Monday, April 2, 2012

Seasonal Ideas

Tired of the same ole' portrait pictures? Spice them up by incorporating the seasons! Plus its an easy and personalized way to add seasonal decor to your home!


-use bright, cheery colors such as pinks, greens, yellows, light purples and various pastel or light colors
-include some holiday props:
               Easter- bunnies, Easter dresses, flowers, Easter eggs, Easter baskets
               St. Patty's Day- 4 leaf clovers, Irish props, greens
               May Day- May day baskets, candy, spring colors
               Mother's Day- pictures with your mother and/or your grandmother of course
-get outside to show off some blooming flowers or even playing in the April showers
-bring cheer by capturing fun, non-posed moments, playing up the natural spring time excitement
-other prop ideas to include- baby chicks, kittens, spring sports (soccer, dance, ect), gardens, white picket fence, balloons, and any other spring time favorites! 


-its finally summer and kids do what they do best- HAVE FUN! 
-take advantage of using all colors of the rainbow: greens, pinks, yellows, purples, reds, blues, and oranges
-incorporate summer time activities like playing outside, water (swimming, boating, beach), playgrounds, picnics/grilling out, vacations, pets
-include some holiday props
               Memorial Day- flags, patriotism, veterans, memorials/statues
               Father's Day- with your dad and/or grandfather
               Fourth of July- red, whites and blues, flags, fireworks
-kids are out of school so get them playing baseball, playing outside, but don't forget family pictures while taking a summer vacation
-other prop ideas to include: SUN, sand, sand castles, swing sets, times with friends, fresh fruits and veggies, green landscapes, flowers, summer dresses, and any other summer time favorites! 

Stay tuned for some future ideas for this upcoming fall and winter! 

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