Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Working with Dameko

My fellow classmate, Dameko, was in the middle of producing a video of his amazing song from his new album. He asked me to take a few pictures of the production aspect, plus a few of him doing his thing. What an amazing artist he is! Dameko had a group of wonderful students all working on different aspects of the project.

I only got to participate towards the end of this production which took place in the Library on campus. We found some moving shelves that lit up when someone walked down them which made for a nice effect, plus it was the most uninvaded space of students studying. We also got lucky and found some books that matched his genre of Gospel rap, titled Religion in Life, which made for some amazing camera shots.

Starting these small connections with classmates starting in the professional world makes me excited to see what they can grow into! I'll take any learning experience I can get and love to build these small connections into professional relationships to help each other gain success! All thanks to UNI's Digital Advertising Class!

Enjoy some of my favorite pictures of Dameko and check out his blog at!