Friday, March 2, 2012

How to Get Vibrant Black and White Photos

Tired of trying to get a successful black and white picture that has a little bit too much grey in them? Its a common problem that everyone has but its quite simple to get that vivid black and white photo using almost any editing program! Follow these simple steps to get a nice contrast between your black and whites!

Starting with a full colored photo, use your picture editing program and turn it into a black and white image, or greyscale. This eliminates the color through out the photo and uses different shades of grey to create the image. This process results in some sometimes boring photos.

Now that your image is in full black and white, use the program to increase the brightness of the photo. You want to get that right amount of brightness to keep it from being too bright but enough to get that intense contrast.

Once you up the brightness, your image might look a little washed out. Now is the time to up the contrast by increasing the blacks in your photo, or by increasing the contrast

Your final image should look like this! A black and white photo with high contrast! This method works really well for close up photo shots of a face! It will really bring out the eyes! Check some other black and white images using this method! 

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