Sunday, January 29, 2012

Family Portiats

Don't miss your opportunity on capturing a family fun moment, a new member of the family, or updating your house decor with some current family photos! And we all eventually need that family photo for our Holiday cards.

Some tips on how to get the best family photo:
-coordinating outfits will seems more put together (not necessarily matching)
-try to squish your group together , you do love each other right?
-check for blinking, especially in large groups, before everyone escapes
-let them be free and fun to get some genuine smiles
-create different levels to get more people in the frame, which makes it more interesting for the eyes
-be careful on the lighting, check for clouding. especially on people's faces
-if children are in the group, bring toys or use bubbles to get their attention towards the camera
-if a large group with small children, make sure all the adults are looking at you, you'll get most of kids and if not, its no big deal, their kids.

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